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Our Staff

Wee Know provides consistent staffing with a very high staff retention. 

Our teachers are very dedicated and professional,

providing a warm, caring and nurturing environment to all children. 

Wee Know classrooms have a team of two or three teachers dependent on enrollment, and maintain ratios as required by NAC (National Accreditation Commission) guidelines.

  • Lead teachers must have a bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood/Elementary Education or an associate degree in the field of Early Childhood.

  • Assistant teachers must be certified in Early Childhood, however, most of our teachers’ educational background exceeds this requirement.

  • All teachers are mandated to participate in 25 hours of continuing education per year to be in compliance with NAC (National Accreditation Commission) standards.


Office Staff

Owner: Maida Sawyer

Administrator: Denise Delie

Director: MaryLloyd Lynn Murphy

Assistant Administrator: Kirstin Dibb

Administrative Coordinator: Tina Baumgartner 

2.5 Jumpstart


Chickadee Class: 
Emma Walters &
Heidi Friend


Canary Class:
Sam Wittenburg &
Christine Edgett 

3K Program


Bluebird Class:
Heather Delie & Annette Svehlek


Oriole Class:
Sky Beckstead, Trudy Rosko & Laura Simmons


Cardinal Class:
Tina Carr, Peter Theis & Anne Dretzka


Robin Class: Becki Anderson & Sue Barker

4K Program

OWL pic_edited.jpg

Owl Class:

Lisa Denison & Kerri Harmelink 

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