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Curriculum Approach

All activities are planned around experiences that stimulate learning in all development areas - physical, social, emotional, and intellectual. Most importantly, all interactions and activities help develop a child’s self-image and a positive feeling toward learning.

Goals of our program are based on the Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards.

Curriculum Goals 


2.5 Jumpstart Goals

  • independence

  • following directions

  • increasing attention span

  • communication skills

  • creativity

  • sharing

  • developing gross and fine motor skills

  • Children must be 2½ years old by September 1st to begin our Fall session in September.

  • Children turning 2 1/2 by March 1st of the following year, may enroll once they are 2 1/2 if there is availability in the classroom.

  • We encourage active potty training at home, and teachers will assist children during this toilet training process.



Our 2½ year old program reflects our WEE KNOW philosophy which states that preschool children learn through play. Early social and emotional relationships determine school readiness.


3K Program Goals

  • Verbalize first and last name.

  • Recognizes first letter and at least one other letter in name.

  • Sorts objects of two different colors accurately.

  • Names and briefly explains pictures.

  • Knows age.

  • Follow simple two-step directions.

  • Comprehends concept of same-different.

  • Increased understanding of functions and grouping of objects.

  • Recognize eight shapes.

  • Accurately identifies basic colors.

  • Introduction to letters and numbers.


4K Program Goals

  • Print first name in proper form.

  • Spells first name.

  • Knows age and birthday month.

  • Follow directions given in three parts.

  • Uses concepts of yesterday, today, and tomorrow accurately.

  • Sorts objects using size, color, and/or shape as criteria.

  • Completes sequential patterns using blocks, etc.

  • Knows his/her street, town, and telephone number.

  • Dress self, including zipping and buttoning.

  • Recognize letters and numbers.

4K Collaboration

Wee Know is partnered with the Kettle Moraine School District in a "4-K" collaboration. This means that families living within the boundaries of this district can choose to send their 4 year old to Wee Know for 4-year old Kindergarten. Families who do not reside in this district or in a district that offers 4K may enroll in this same program (2 to 5 days per week), but would have to pay privately. 

The collaborative 4K program is a 4 day per week program (M-Th) for 4 hours per day (9am-1pm). Wee Know's 4-K classroom will have a maximum of 20 children in the class with one DPI licensed teacher and one assistant teacher. Wrap-around care is available Monday through Friday between the hours of 6:30AM & 6PM for families needing additional hours.

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