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What is your staff turn-over?

The longevity of our teachers at Wee Know is very good. More than half have been with us for over ten years!


What is your nap policy?

The state requires that all children who are in a child care environment four or more hours must be offered a rest period (usually 1-2:30PM). All children rest on a sleeping bag and mat brought from home. If they are still awake after 40 minutes, they are given a choice of three quiet activities - books, puzzles, or drawing (coloring).

What will my child learn?

The main emphasis at our school is the child's social and emotional development. Children learn to work within a group structure including skills for sharing, listening, following directions, and becoming more independent. Kindergarten readiness skills are experienced through games and play such as shapes, colors, letters, numbers, name writing, scissor cutting, painting and gluing. Our gymnasium and large playground allow children a wealth of activities which promote large motor development.

Are children moved to a new class when they have a birthday?

No. Children stay in the same classroom for the school year (September through May). Those who enroll in our summer program (Camp Lotta-Fun) will be placed in a new classroom based on their birthday.

How is discipline handled?

Our "Wee Know" discipline policy is redirection. Teachers will discuss the problem with child and help him find a solution. We always tell children in a positive way what is expected, rather than being negative and telling them what they can't do. If a problem continues in one area, we will redirect a child to another activity. Time out is only used as a last resort.

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